Saturday, November 06, 2010

24Jan1874, The Duke of Edinburgh Marries

LONDON, Saturday, January 24th, 1874.
—By some mysterious process the Tory newspapers have the news, Uncle W.'s address and all! tho' it was only sent late last evening to the Times. The address is more a manifesto and mighty long, but excellent and forcible, with the grand plum of abolition of the Income Tax, on the strength of a great surplus of £5,000,000 and promised reduction of indirect taxation. General stir and bewilderment. F. is certain to have a sharp contest for the first time since he became an M.P., 8½ years ago; he plunged into his address....
Yesterday the Duke of Edinburgh married the Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia with all the gorgeous Eastern ceremonial, and the English Service besides; the Duke, by the account in the paper, received the Sacrament (at least the Cup) which I can hardly believe (No; it was not the Eucharist Cup, but a simple ceremony), as I know Mrs. Helbert was refused when in one of her phases she wished to communicate in the Greek Church, at St. Petersburg. The Dean of Westminster celebrated the English rite, and must have been in his glory. A magnificent Russian choir sang at both services.

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