Saturday, November 06, 2010

27Jan1874, Mr. Forster's Election

BRADFORD, Tuesday, January 27th, 1874.
—We came to Bradford, F. having left London at 6, I at 12. Good staunch friends (albeit Independent), the Laws, put us up. The town is wild over Mr. Forster's election, and we shan't be much thought of till that's over. The miserable 25th clause of the Education Act is made the battle-ground by the frantic section of the Dissenters, as I prophesied, but I should fancy nowhere so vehemently, or with so little common sense, as here. Here, where the rates paid on behalf of children whose parents could not afford to pay fees have amounted in the whole year to the interesting sum of 30s.!! the Irreconcileables mean to oust Mr. Forster after his years of stout Liberal service; and they may very probably do it, by splitting the party.

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