Friday, November 05, 2010

14Oct1873, A Bit of Spitting by Dizzy

HOLKER, Tuesday, October 14th, 1873.
—Very lovely with glorious views; walked with Emma up Byland Scarr, and to see Mesdames Telfer and Mackreth. The Howards came late; it is 4 years since they were here and must be very sad to poor At. Fanny. Another Govt. victory at Taunton; this little turn of the tide is perhaps to be attributed to an extraordinary bit of spitting on the part of Dizzy, who has written a letter (for publication) to Ld. Grey de Wilton savagely calling the Govt. names, and dubbing their whole career "plundering and blundering." This must disgust lukewarm Liberals.

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