Saturday, May 09, 2009

22Feb1866, Funds for Princess Helena

LONDON, February 22nd, 1866.
—I got smuggled into the House, and heard Uncle Wm. speak upon the Queen's messages about granting money to Princess Helena on her marriage, and to Prince Alfred on his coming-of-age. He did it well, speaking of what Princess Helena had been to the Queen, which I know something of. She is to have £6,000 a year, and £30,000 down, which is rather stingy, considering how poor her marriage is : Prince Alfred £15,000 a year. Then Uncle Wm. delivered "a fine panegyric" on Lord Palmerston, proposing a monument to him in the Abbey. He did it very well. Then came Jamaica and Cattle-plague ; dull enough. We dined quite promiscuous at Ly. James' ; as did the Gladstones, and I enjoyed hearing and seeing something of Uncle Wm. again. He is certainly not yet overdone by the Leadership ! but in great force.

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