Wednesday, May 06, 2009

07Feb1866, Cavendish to the War Office

LONDON, February 7th, 1866.
Cavendish got a mysterious scrap from Ld. Granville yesterday or the day before, containing the words : "Of course I congratulate you." Not being aware that he was going to be married, the Markiss was puzzled ; but lo and behold ! the cat is out and he succeeds Ld. De Grey in the War Office, to the satisfaction of all parties, which is a fine thing for a man of 32. He has gained a well-deserved character for hard work and knowledge of his business as Under Secretary. Lord Dufferin succeeds him. The Duke dined with us, and looked over the moon and very proud ; also Uncle G.and Eddy dined, and we were very snug.

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