Saturday, May 09, 2009

18Feb1866, Cockney Damsels

LONDON, February 18th, 1866.
—Bright pleasant frost : a real enjoyment it was. Mazy and I fired away a class at one of the S. Martin's schools ; I was a good deal taken off my legs by the coolness and talkativeness of my pale-faced cockney damsels who were very ready to put me in the right way. The row was great, and my numbers unmanageable, so I did not make a satisfactory start. S. Martin's in the morning (as it always is, unless I say to the contrary) ; Mr. Helps called, and made us late for 3 o'clock Abbey ; so we poked in upon M. and then pounded off to S. Paul's, where was a big congregation. Two pretty baptisms which brought tears to my eyes, so foolishly did I long to see a baby of our own christened.

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