Thursday, April 16, 2009

28Sep1865, Letters from Lou

HOLKER, September 28th, 1865.
—I had a great treat of a nice, dear, warm letter from Frank, in answer to a bit to Lou that I went and wrote as soon as her back was turned. He said she was so overtired and excited as to be almost hysterical yesterday, poor dear ; but he had made her lie down on the sofa, where she had gone sound asleep. His letter was full of tenderness for her, and of happiness. F. made me take it to the Duke in his room : the 1st time I have gone to him there ! but despair and bewilderment of soul made me desperate ! and I marched in. The letter quite overcame him. He gave me a dear one from Lou to him to read, which was full of happiness ("I am very, very happy"), but also full of loving sorrow at leaving her father. Now one may think of her calmed down and resting in the wonderful joy that is like no other.

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