Friday, April 17, 2009

19Oct1865, Lord Palmerston Has Died

CASTLE HOWARD, October 19th, 1865.
Lord Palmerston died yesterday morning. He would have been 81 to-morrow ; and it is wonderful to think of a man's dying in office who was born before the fall of the old French monarchy, and was in office before Uncle William was born. He caught cold out driving, being already ill with disease of the bladder. It is piteous to think of poor old Lady Palmerston. She wished him to give up office in the summer. It is hoped that the Queen will send for Lord Russell ; but there is no one now to advise her, and how terribly she must want the Prince ! ...

The Guardian gave an awful account of the state of religion in Italy : Mariolatry more and more absorbing all the devotion of the people.

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