Sunday, April 12, 2009

28Aug1865, Cattle Epidemic, Nevy at Sea

BOLTON, August 28th, 1865.
—The Duke had to go to a Skipton meeting, with a view to taking steps about the frightful new cattle epidemic which is spreading over the country. (À propos of that, there is also much fear of cholera, which has been making one of its marches over Europe ; and the harvest is in danger from the late rain, so there are breakers ahead ; and the prayer against plague, pestilence, and famine has terrible meaning.)

The other gentlemen shot about Aigill, and got nearly 100 brace ; F. much the best : 27½ brace. I have a heart-pinch this evening, thinking of Nevy's first night at sea. It will possibly be 4 years before we see him again, and what may they not bring forth !

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