Friday, April 17, 2009

17Oct1865, She Dresses Madly, Unbecrinolined

CASTLE HOWARD, October 17th, 1865.
—Rained most of the day. Nevertheless I could take in a good deal of the beauty of the place, as the Admiral, [FN: The Hon. Edward Howard, son of the 6th and father (sic, he was an uncle) of the 9th Earl of Carlisle, afterwards Lord Lanerton.] Fred, and I walked about the gardens in the afternoon. The inside of the house disappointed me, as the hall and gallery seem to be the only fine rooms ; but the pictures are something. The outside I thought very handsome, and more graceful and ornamental than Chatsworth. We went over the house in the morning ; F. has not been here since just after the late Duke's death, when his grandmother Carlisle was still alive, in '58. I was introduced to Rosalind's baby, [FN: Now Lady Mary Murray.] a nice, fat, thriving thing, with a promise of pretty eyes, but otherwise not lovely ; very forward and lively, and delighted with her tub. Rosalind is only 20 : she is an original little person, and half attracts and half repels one with her ways and words ; she dresses madly in odd-coloured gowns with long trains, which cling around her unbecrinolined.

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