Saturday, February 28, 2009

27Feb1865, Ladies' Diocesan Association Inaugural Meeting

LONDON, February 27th, 1865.
—This is a day to be remembered. I attended the Bishop of London's inaugural meeting of the "Ladies' Diocesan Association," which he set on foot last year, and in which ladies join to do useful and charitable work of many different kinds in the diocese. I became a member ; the Bishop giving me a little book, as token of admittance. I hope to undertake small things ; one is to be what they call a "supplemental lady" for the Parochial Mission Women Institution (that is, one whom some one Lady Superintendent may refer to for help on special occasions) ; the other, to visit S. Martin's Workhouse once a week. I have an awestruck feeling at joining people who have devoted themselves to good, and can only pray that the great blessedness of work for the poor may be mine, and that I may be helped.

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