Saturday, February 28, 2009

08Mar1865, More Work with Parochial Mission

LONDON, March 8th, 1865.
F. deposited me in George St. for luncheon, and thence I drove with Mrs. Talbot and Miss Laura Oldfield to St. Anne's, Limehouse, where we attended one of the "Mothers' Meetings" of the Parochial Mission there ; and I was introduced to Miss Lilby, the Lady Superintendent who is to have me to apply to ; to the Mission woman, Mrs. Bush ; to the clergyman (a missionary), who ended the meeting with reading, explaining, and prayers ; after hearing much about the work which is being done, and talking a little to some of the poor women, of whom there were about 25, we went to the London Hospital to see a girl of 23 who is there recovering from a tremendous operation : and who before going to the Hospital had been working as 2nd mission woman with such marvellous zeal and overflowing love for the work, that she went about amongst the people early and late, in spite of continual violent pain. And now in her weakness her one longing desire is to go back again ; her whole heart yearning after the poor things among whom she went. And all with such simplicity ; evidently she had no idea she was doing anything great.

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