Saturday, February 28, 2009

10Mar1865, St. Anne's Mission and Diamonds on My Head

LONDON, March 10th, 1865.
—I went to London House, where I put down my name for St. Martin's Workhouse, and as supplemental lady to the St. Anne's Mission, Limehouse. Mr. Rousel mentioned a terrible case of a struggling curate, so poor at best that he could not have a fire in his house, or eat meat, for days together ; and now with his large family in the scarlet fever. Meriel Bathurst (who came for the first time), my Meriel, Mrs. Talbot, Agnes, and I agreed to send him a hamper among us ; and M. and I got the things after luncheon ; viz. tea, arrowroot, tapioca, sago, grapes, concentrated beef tea, currant jelly, a dozen of port wine, and a bottle of brandy. The 2 latter items we found it rather blowing to order. . . .

We dined at Ly. Cowper's, and had to go afterwards to a ball at Marlborough House, where the Princess of Wales looked lovely. I saw my dear Princess Helena, but not to speak to, also Princess Louise and many Court friends. I wore all the diamonds on my head for the 1st time. Headdresses are becoming remarkable. The young Lady Wharncliffe had her hair in a frizzled mop ; and many were tending in the same direction.

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