Saturday, February 21, 2009

25Feb1865, The Bishop Held a Confirmation

LATIMER, February 25th, 1865.
—Bright clear morning, indescribably pleasant after the London dirty dinge and slop. Most of the womankind went to the "Waterside Church," where the Bishop held a Confirmation of about 80 several of whom were elderly people. Now, though my own Confirmation is a sacred and precious memory to me, almost beyond anything else, and though Spencer's and Lavinia's was full of deep interest, I can't say I ever saw, till to-day, a Confirmation really impressively and strikingly done. But the Bishop of Oxford has always excelled in this respect (having done, I should think, more good at Eton than can be measured by his Confirmations there), and this was most solemn and moving.

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