Sunday, January 16, 2011

17Apr1877, The Unfortunate Nobleman at Dartmoor

LONDON, Tuesday, April 17th, 1877.
—The idiotic lovers of the "Unfortunate Nobleman at Dartmoor" (i.e., Orton the swindler) tried to get up a "Demonstration" to besiege the H. of Commons with some crazy petition. It ended, in true British style, by policemen preventing more than the orthodox ten men marching into the lobby, Mr. Cross receiving a deputation and snubbing them all round with perfect civility, and Whalley inviting the leading donkey, one De Morgan, to a cup of tea in the tea-room of the H. of Commons; a delightful bathos. "De Morgan" being a bankrupt hatter, Punch has a nice picture founded on the Mad Tea-Party in "Alice in Wonderland."

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