Tuesday, January 18, 2011

08May1877, The Wortley-Talbot Wedding

LONDON, Tuesday, May 8th, 1877.
Regd. Talbot [FN: Major-General the Hon. Sir Reginald Talbot, K.C.B.] married Margaret Wortley in St. James's Church: her 4 sisters [FN: The youngest of the four sisters, Katharine, afterwards married Lady Frederick's brother Nevill.] the only bridesmaids. Seldom were seen more tall and beautiful people assembled together: bride and bridegroom, Lady Brownlow, Lady Pembroke, the Shrewsbury daughters (all unmarried), etc.: not to speak of the three 6 feet 2 in. Clergy who officiated, Stephen Lawley, Mr. Arthur Talbot, and Edwarden [FN: Edward, Warden of Keble.].

It was like the London world for my next sight of Uncle W. to be in the church struggling with a favour and begging for a pin! He talked a little to me: seemed harassed to death for fear the country should have misunderstood his course of action, and utterly oblivious, as he always is, of the great effect of his speech.... All he said of the speech was: "To make matters worse I had no spectacles. I could not read!" I am sure I never discovered the fact, but he had, I believe, to omit some quotations from Govt. speeches and writings with which he was crashing down upon them.

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