Friday, March 12, 2010

16Dec1871, Discussing Gov. Eyre

ORANGE VALLEY, December 16th, 1871.
—At dinner (which was very good) Mr. Kerr broke into some excitement and much perspiration abt. Gov. Eyre : all the planters strongly side with him as far as we have seen ; Mr. Royes alone allowing with any candour that the violent measures went on too long. Mr. K. cd. say nothing to the query why 400 blacks were to be put to death in return for 20 whites and after the Govr.'s own official declaration that the rising was quelled : a pause ensued, and he cd. only repeat that the Govr. has saved all the white lives in the Colony. I can't help a creep at the evident implication that 400 blacks may well die in revenge for 20 whites : it reminds one of the expression of Legree in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" : "After all, what a fuss for a dead nigger !"

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