Sunday, March 07, 2010

06Sep1871, Forty-five Shorthorns Sold for £10,000

HOLKER, Wednesday, September 6th, 1871.
—A great Holker day indeed !—the thought of which must long have haunted Mr. Drewry's dreams by night as it has absorbed his [thoughts] every day — a great sale of shorthorns. We got ourselves up beautifully, and all the place was alive with visitors ; amongst others in the "ring" were Lds. Bective, Feversham, Skelmersdale , and Dunmore, and all went off with flying colours. Forty-five animals were sold for over £10,000—averaging more than £200 each. One cow went for 1,005 gs., one bull for 1,000—the bulls were the worst to sell. The Speaker (who came here last night) bid with great solemnity, and got two creatures. The poor ghost of the burnt wing has vanished into heaps of rubbish, which the workmen are sorting.

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