Friday, March 12, 2010

04Jan1872, Impressions of Barbados

GOVERNOR'S HOUSE, BARBADOS, January 4th, 1872.
—Most affably received by the good-natured pursy Governor Rawson, and pleasantly lodged in a clean white temple of the winds looking out upon a very pretty garden. Sir Graham Briggs, with all his blushing honours fresh upon him, came here with us, and was beyond kind in seeing after our luggage and ourselves ; we drove with him in evening along the coast, and very refreshing and enjoyable I found it to have nothing beautiful to look at, only the pleasant curious sight, so utterly unlike Jamaica or Santa Cruz, of excessive cultivation and swarming population. The people are far more ragged than in Jamaica, stark naked children being common ; the numbers are such that they are forced to work for the lowest wages or starve, and thousands ought by hook or crook to be emigrated to S. Lucia or even Jamaica, so as to force up wages and bring about a more decent state of things. However, all looks thriving, and one can't pity nakedness in this climate as one would in England. There is a ceaseless cool breeze and the Gov. announced wintry weather, viz. therm. down to 81 ! Darling Mother Keble [FN: Her sister Lavinia, wife of the Warden of Keble.] 23 to-day.

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