Sunday, June 21, 2009

23Mar1867, Dined at the Argylls'

LONDON, March 23rd, 1867.
—Dined at the Argylls', meeting a rugged, clever old Scotch Lord Colonsay, Mr. C. Howard, and George [FN: Afterwards 9th Earl of Carlisle.] (who gave a better account of Rosalind, and said his baby was like the Stanleys, which is rather sad, if it ever lives to be Lord Carlisle), etc. I made acquaintance with Edith Campbell [FN: Daughter of the 8th Duke of Argyll ; afterwards Duchess of Northumberland.] who is just out, and would be lovely but for her tiny shrunk figure ; beautiful Evy ; Elizabeth, who is less pretty, but has a better figure and very delicate features ; Lorne [FN: Afterwards 9th Duke of Argyll. Married Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria.] and Archie very pleasant, taking, gentlemanlike fellows, Lorne seeming very clever ; has just written a book about Travels in America and Jamaica.

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