Monday, June 22, 2009

03Apr1867, A Very Busy Day

LONDON, April 3rd, 1867.
—A very busy day. At 10½ I paid a flying visit to the workhouse. Soon after 11 went with Auntie P. and Mrs. Hampton shopping for the Convalescent Home : got coal-scuttles, crockery, coffee-mill, knives, forks, and spoons, canisters, etc., etc. N.B. stone ware cup, with its saucer, price 2d. ! ! Luncheon, and at 2½ I drove off to Westbourne Terrace to call on Mrs. Martineau ; found Mrs. Monsell (the Great) with her ; learnt useful text-painting particulars ; looked in at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, but the service was just ending ; visited Aunt Caroline (who is just come home from abroad), who was out, and Lady Albemarle whose daughter sang most delightfully ; sagged to Paddington to meet Mazy, but, being a few minutes late, missed her. And finally we dined at Lady Estcourt's, meeting Robartes's.

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