Sunday, June 21, 2009

01Apr1867, Mrs. Scott-Siddons Reads Shakespeare

LONDON, April 1st, 1867.
—A young Mrs. Scott-Siddons, about 20 years old, and great-grand-daughter to the great Mrs. Siddons, recited some Shakespeare and Tennyson at the Hanover Square rooms. She is beautiful, and sometimes like the famous pictures of the Tragic Muse ; her voice lovely ; soft, but clear and ringing ; all was good, but the tragedy parts really excellent. Such grace, and pathos, and passion ! but always natural, and with no rant. I cried dreadfully over Constance and Arthur ; finishing with a good hearty howl when it was over ! But what promises most of all by far is her acting. I feel as if the dream I have had all my life of what should be on the stage is to be realized.

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