Sunday, January 28, 2007

27Aug1862, A Perverted Game of Croquet

HAGLEY, Wednesday, August 27th, 1862.
—Papa, the Sp. Lytteltons, and I went to the county bow meeting held this year at Hewel1. [FN: The house of Lady Windsor, great-grandmother of the present Earl of Plymouth.] It went off very well; and it was nice seeing a good deal of Victoria Clive, who is charming. Also I saw Mrs. and Amelia Claughton, Ly. Mary Clive with her fair small children (the little boy a merry dot,[FN: The late Lord Plymouth.] his birthday to-day, so his health was drunk), Bennetts, Sandys, Fosters, Bakers, Wake-men, etc. We played a portentously long and frightfully perverted game of croquet, which was amusing nevertheless. The dancing for abt an hr and 3/4 great fun, as there was only one valse, one galop, and one quadrille; the rest being double lancers, and one merry country dance. My partners: Messrs. Mordaunt, Lygon, Leigh and Wakeman. We brought home with us for 2 nights said Mr. Leigh,[FN: Afterwards Dean of Hereford.] young clergyman brother of Lord Leigh.

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