Sunday, January 28, 2007

12Jul1862, Deal Old Hagley

HAGLEY, Saturday, July 12th, 1862.
—Home! Oh dear, dear, how lovely, how deeply green the precious old place looks! And it is delicious repose and refreshment coming back. The children all look well: poor little Win, tho', is still headachy, and we are going to take her to Evans. Dear Rectors are established here, to chaperone the tutor (Mr. Richmond [FN: Mr. D. C. Richmond, afterwards Auditor-General.]) and me. I am too happy sitting in my fresh little room again. Before leaving London I finished Vol. VIII of Alison, reading 50 p.; quicker than any other vol. I have read. Miss W., Elly, and Newmany all looked well. I feel I have been away ages! Can't but be so glad I haven't married or anything upsetting! but have fallen back upon dear old Hagley's loving arms.

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