Sunday, January 28, 2007

22Jul1862, Butterer and Butteree

WORCESTER, Tuesday, July 22nd, 1862.
—Came with Papa to Canon Wood's, Worcester, for the Archaeological Society's doings. Went to a meeting where the Mayor and Corporation buttered the Archeologists and the Archaests. (with Papa presiding) buttered the Mayor and Corpn. After every individual had been both butterer and butteree, we set off to do the interesting things in the town, which I was very glad to see, as it's scandalous not to know the lions of one's Cathedral and county town. Mr. Severn Walker and Mr. Parker ciceroned, and we did SS. Andrews and Alban, the Commandery and the Museum. At which last place mem. especially the gloves King Charles I gave to Bp. Juxon on the scaffold. After dinner, lectures in a gt room on the ecclesiology of Worcester in general by Mr. S. Walker (horribly dull), and of Pershore Abbey in particular by Mr. Freeman [FN: No doubt the historian, E. A. Freeman.]; also on little historical and antiquital points by Mr. Something. Sleepiness a little assailed me.

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