Monday, August 21, 2006

29Jul1859, Home at Hagley

HAGLEY, July 29th, 1859.
—Thank Heaven, we came safely home to the dear bright snug quietness of green summer Hagley. I think I never so much appreciated the sight of the six flourishing children who stood on the steps, or ever felt so thankful that darling Papa can look at our band unbroken, and not see the sad gaps among little faces that haunt one at poor Hawarden. [FN: Where one of her Glynne cousins had just died at the Rectory.] They are all blooming, except little Edward, who is puny as Albert was, tho' far less ill than he, and tanned, which makes his small phiz look healthier. As for that young plant Alfred, his size and height and figure are splendid ! such a neck, chest, and forehead, with all the good points of Charles, Nevy, and Arthur in his noble little head and face. Fluent though happily still broken conversation, and such fun, memory, and sharpness. 0 bless him, for a gladdening sunbeam ! Bobby enormous, and not very evidently more in¬tellectual. May, I think, a degree less ugly ! Win and Arthur very charming. Much talk with Miss Smith ; and I went in the twilight to see our own Church, and look at Mamma's beautiful E. window, shining thro' darkness, as the thought of her does, in all that happens.

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