Monday, August 21, 2006

28Dec1860, Capital Sliding and Skating

HAWARDEN, Friday, December 28th, 1860.
—Same weather. Church at 11, after some effort, after ball hours. Capital sliding and skating, when everyone tumbled over except Ld. Jermyn, Willy, Mr. Ryan and me ; Ld. Clarence [FN: Lord Clarence Paget] fell on his head, Mr. Layton on his cheekbone, Agnes on all-fours, Atie. P. and Selina Lascelles on their knees, the children in all directions, and Ld. John Hervey promiscuous. The latter, whom I tried to cultivate, viewing Charles's friendship, is nice and engaging. I wrote to Papa and the Cab Office. Pleasant evening, ending with Lancers.

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