Monday, August 21, 2006

04Jul1859, Two Balls

LONDON, July 4th, 1859.
—We had a prim luncheon at Ly. Windsor's, where nice Victoria Clive sang all the tunes that all old cows have died of. For the first time, two balls ; duty first, and pleasure afterwards : Ly. Mary Hoare's, and Mrs. Washington Hibbert's. At the former there were not 5 people I knew ; nevertheless I danced once, with Mr. Dundas. Mrs. Hibbert's was the most lovely thing I have ever seen in its way : a tent in the open air for ante-room, from whence you descended by a flight of steps into the ball-room, at the top of which you could stand and see the dancing like a magic picture. A smother of flowers, and cool atmosphere. I danced with Mr. Turvil and Johnny, and was asked to valse ever so often. . . .

We shopped, and our great-uncle's sister-in-law, the first Ly. Spencer's sister, the second's stepmother, and the third's aunt, and Althorp's stepmother's stepmother, in virtue of her intricate relationship, [FN: This lady of remarkable relationships was, I think, Frances Isabella Dowager Lady Clinton. But the Lady Spencer whose sister she was, was wife of the 4th Earl, not of the 1st] gave us lovely muslin gowns.

(Frances Selina Isabella, née Poyntz, sister to the 4th Earl's first wife, Georgiana; step mother to the 4th Earl's second wife, Aunt Yaddy (second wife of Adelaide's father, Sir Horace Seymour); aunt to the Earl's daughter, Tallee, through her mother Georgiana)

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