Tuesday, April 04, 2006

04Mar1859, Drive to Obelisk Hill

HAGLEY, March 4th, 1859.
—Most deliciously soft, with dark blue distance, and gleaming sun : coming out of church was like emerging from a well into full summer. A very pleasant day : we went an uproarious and boggy driving-and-riding expedition up the obelisk hill, whence the view was. Thence set off for St. Kenelm, but a much tormented spring of U. B.'s (Uncle Billy's) carriage broke, and we all turned out. Great and high was the facetiousness of the party, in course of which, by an awful absent thoughtlessness, what should I do but call Mr. Pepys Herbert ! The evening is memorable for the surpassing beauty of the singing, which came off in the hall, and for an exciting game of Commerce and Fright. The Miss Yorkes have won our hearts ; especially I like Bertha, who is decidedly pretty.

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