Friday, February 17, 2006

07Jan1857, A Last Grand Re­hearsal

HAGLEY, January 7th, 1857.
—Behold ! the excitement becomes dangerous and boundless. A last grand re­hearsal, and I feel secure of my part. An immense amount of work is got through, and the dresses, which arrived last night, tried on and applauded. At last we go and get ready, soon after tea. The whole thing is to be in the gallery, behind the pillars, between which hangs the splendid dark red curtain, which draws not vulgarly aside, but right up. . . . I first went to the nurseries, where I saw the eight small fairies attired, winged and star-crowned ; Mary Gladstone, the eldest, being the Queen, distinguished by a larger coronet and a star-tipped wand. They looked most aery in their short standing-out transparent skirtlets and spangled wings.

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