Friday, February 17, 2006

04Jan1857, Whirlpool of Excitement

HAGLEY, January 4th, 5th, 1857.
—Oh, the whirlpool of excitement we are fizzing in. The PLAY is to come off on the 7th. The actors are to be (I put them in ages) :
William Henry Gladstone, aged 16.
Lucy Caroline Lyttelton, aged 15.
Agnes Gladstone, aged 14.
Charles George Lyttelton, aged 14.
Stephen Edward Gladstone, aged 12.
Albert Victor Lyttelton, aged 12.
Neville Gerald Lyttelton, aged 11.
Mary Gladstone, aged 11.
George William Spencer Lyttelton, aged 9.
Helen Gladstone, aged 9.
Lavinia Lyttelton, aged 8.
Mary Catherine Lyttelton, aged 6.
Arthur Temple Lyttelton, aged 5.
Henry Neville Gladstone, aged 5.
Robert Henry Lyttelton, aged 5.
Herbert John Gladstone, aged 3.
All these are getting up their parts in different ways ; rehearsals are ceaseless, lessons droop, disorder prevails.

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