Wednesday, February 15, 2006

05Jun1856, Our New Governess

HAGLEY, June 5th, 1856.
—On the 5th came our new governess, a nice real comfortable English one, ladylike and pleasant-looking, she has begun us so well : our week divided into Monday and Thursday for Italian, Tuesday and Friday for French, Wednesday and Saturday for English, with a half-holiday on the latter day. Our studies are learning of Goldoni's plays, Italian conversation, verb, translation and reading of " Metastasio," writing translation of " Le notti Romane," hour's music a day, small hand copy, reading and writing abstract of Arnold's " Rome," translation of Bossuet's " Histoire Universelle " to English and back again, translation of " Pigeon Pie " (Miss Yonge), drawing, repetition of Racine's poetry, and Campan's " Fr. Conversations," reading of Lamar tine's " Gironde," Fr. dictation, writing of English composition, arithmetic, repetition of Cornwall's geography, Longfellow's poetry, Mangnall's Fr. dates, reading of Reed's " English History," and poetry, definition of words, and mental arithmetic. We ought to get on, I think.

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