Sunday, February 13, 2011

23Jul1878, More Derby-Salisbury Business

LONDON, July 23rd – 28th, 1878.
—Went on Tues. "by sea" to S. George's E. Workhouse to see my poor paralysed lad Stephen Perkins: found he had died in the spring: such a blessed instance of "Loose him, and let him go." Coming back, who should be on the Thames-tunnel landing-place but Ly. Granville!!! I wonder how many chances there were against our meeting on a penny boat. She had a brother with her, and had been to Ratclyffe Highway to buy a paroqueet. We talked of the horrid Derby-Salisbury business; Ld. Derby has found his mem. written at the time of his resignation, and fully bearing out what he has said, and has shown it to Ld. Granville. Whether he would have re-opened the personal matter, and crushed Lord Salisbury with the mem, I don't know; but he has been requested by the Queen to let the subject alone. Of course this is under pressure from Dizzy — the Queen could not be responsible—and most base it is of him. One can't give the reason, and I can see Johnny [FN: I.e. her brother-in-law J. G. Talbot, then at the Board of Trade.] and his colleagues conclude that the mem. is a figment, and that Ld. Derby had delirium tremens or something of the sort when he resigned.

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