Sunday, February 13, 2011

12Aug1878, Mixed Marriages with R.C.

BOLTON, August 12th-18th, 1878.
—He [FN: A friend who had married a Roman Catholic.] and his wife have at last come to an open row about the children's religion. He declares that he only gave the promise before marriage that they should be brought up Roman on the strength of some words of hers implying that she wouldn't hold him to the promise. But they certainly put no confidence in each other about it—he refusing to have any R.C.s in the house, she taking them to confession, etc., secretly. They have now been to law, with the astounding result of the judge laying down that whatever engagement a man may make before marriage as to his children's religion, he may break with perfect (legal) impunity. If this is clearly understood, I hope it will put an end to "mixed marriages" — R.C.s will no longer venture to risk them.

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