Saturday, December 04, 2010

18Jan1875, Gladstone May Retire

HOLKER, Monday, January 18th, 1875.
—To-day the blow that has so long been dreaded falls on the unhappy divided Liberal party. Uncle W. writes to Ld. Granville resigning the Leadership, in a short letter. He says he feels he may fairly retire, after 40 years of public life and at the age of 65, when there is nothing in the state of politics to justify him in hoping his leadership will serve the party, and when his hands are full of other important matters—by which no doubt he means the Papal controversy. We somehow hoped he was willing to come to a compromise, such as being in London thro' the Session, tho' with slight attendance at the House, but so as to be at hand whenever he might be wanted as leader, and thus avoiding the difficulties that came last year of his absence from town, colleagues, and newspapers; (for he never will take in any but the Echo!! when out of Office).

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