Saturday, December 04, 2010

09Dec1874, Prince George and the Greville Memoirs

CHATSWORTH, Wednesday, December 9th, 1874.
H.R.H. is very good-natured and jovial, nudging and patting his neighbours, and putting his nose in their ears: he looks 70, which is a pity, at 55. He declaims about Bismarck and the Pope, and lets fly at the "Greville Memoirs" which are just out. No wonder! I have not read it yet, but everyone is open-mouthed about its unkind and trivial gossip, and absence of praise of anyone. To be sure the Regency and late reign must have been thoroughly evil times; and one good the book must do by showing one the present times in bright contrast. What are the Queen's retirement and over-weening love of Scotland, or even the P. of Wales' bad habits, in comparison with the vile Court of Geo. IV, the debts and scandals of the Royal Dukes, and the horrid Queen Caroline chapter!—Thick mist and rain on the top of half-melted snow all day: an appropriate reminiscence of the P. of Wales' visit. We took H.R.H. and the guests over the house.

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