Monday, January 25, 2010

28Apr1869, Meeting Mrs. Mildmay

LONDON, April 28th, 1869.
Meriel, the girls, and I and Charles, all saw Mrs. Mildmay for the 1st time at George St., Papa bringing her. It must have been even more awful for her than for us ! We all liked her much ; she is not in the least pretty, and looks some years older than she is (33), but she has a dear good face, and nice, steadfast-looking, kind eyes ; a very sweet voice, and a manner at once dignified and gentle. The children were brought down for her to see, which was a great help in the desperate stiffness and shyness of all parties. She first saw the girls alone and was very nice to them : begged them to think of her as a sister and to call her Sybella ; and to tell her everything Papa liked.

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