Monday, January 25, 2010

27Apr1869, Papa is Engaged

LONDON, April 27th, 1869.
—It was a day of a great event ; Papa's engagement to Mrs. Mildmay, née Clive, was settled. I have said nothing about this before in my journal, but for months some of us have known and thought about it ; and now, thank God, we can all feel thankful that it has been brought to pass. There has been no managing or interference ; it has come about quite rightly and naturally, and so one can rest in the certainty that it is God's hand that has led dear Papa to this "evening-time light." He is very happy. She seems to be the very person one could have wished for ; we do not know her, but there is only one voice as to her goodness and gentleness and sense ; she is also very clever and accomplished.

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