Tuesday, August 11, 2009

17Jul1867, The Review for the Sultan

H.M.S. " VICTORY," July 17th, 1867.
—Howling day with heavy storms ; but between acts beautiful sunshine and picturesque lights. Where these naval people put us all, it would be difficult to say. There are here, we two, Lady Ellesmere, Lady Enfield, Ld. Ellesmere, Mr. Egerton, the Duke, Mr. Jervoise Smith, and to-night come a Mr. Hope and Cavendish. The review came off in a wet and windy fashion, but was amazingly successful nevertheless. Only Alice Enfield of the womankind braved the ocean. Lou, Ly. Ellesmere, the Duke, F., and I contented ourselves with land views. We went to the Victuallers' Yard and saw the potentates arrive ; the Sultan, a thin-faced, fat-bodied, shrewd-looking creature, whom one would take for 60 whereas he is said not to be 40 : no ! I find I took the interpreter for him ! he is good-looking. Gorgeous persons in red and gold and Albanians in white petticoats attended him. The Prince of Wales came with him. They embarked in the Osborne, and the Queen, in spite of the weather, came from the Isle of Wight to meet him in the Victoria and Albert, took him on board, and invested him (more's the pity, and great the scandal, to my mind !) with the ribbon of the Garter there and then, taking it off Prince Louis of Hesse for the purpose. What would Edward III have thought ?

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