Sunday, August 09, 2009

02Jul1867, A Monster Cavalcade of Swells

LONDON, July 2nd, 1867.
—A monster cavalcade, got up by Auntie P. (who but she !), consisting of 9 carriages, containing about 30 picked swells, was actually induced to travel all through N.E. London to Snaresbrook, where the many-coloured party dispread themselves about the garden of the Home, and inspected our 19 convalescents. After which we went on to a to-do at Mrs. Warner's, where high jinks were kept up till night-fall. I had to get home for dinner-time, as had some others ; we dined at the Calverts', meeting dear dear "Mr. Claughton," [FN: Bishop of Rochester.] whom I laboriously and elaborately called My Lord about 3 times. Before luncheon we paid a rapid visit to Lord's where the Oxford and Cambridge match was going on. We saw the 5th Oxford wicket go down (2nd innings) for 124, and shook in our shoes ; but the remaining wickets went down fast, and Cambridge went in with 110 to get. This was done with 5 wickets to go down, Spencer taking his bat for 20.

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