Tuesday, June 30, 2009

17May1867, Out Visiting and a Ball

LONDON, May l7th, 1867.
—Drove down to Clapton and Snaresbrook in Mrs. Loyd Lindsay's carriage. First to the cholera orphanage at Clapton. We went upstairs, and a door being opened, out tumbled a swarm of tiny 5 and 3 and 2 year-old boys, as fresh and clean as pinks, all with outstretched arms to be taken up and hugged ; climbing on one's back, clinging round one's neck, and chattering all at once. It was too pretty ! The Convalescent Home very flourishing, with 10 charming recovering men in it ; and oh, such tea and bread and butter ! We dined at Mr. Leveson's, meeting Henry Scotts [FN: Lord Henry Scott, afterwards 1st Lord Montagu.], quaint Mary Boyle [FN: I suppose the Mary Boyle of Tennyson's well-known poem.], Cawdor, etc. I went for a last bulletin to Stratton St., thence, alone and forlorn without my pussy [FN: Her sister Lavinia who was ill.], to Duchess of Cleveland's ball, where I sat with the wallflowers and felt a little dismal.

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