Sunday, June 28, 2009

06Apr1867, A Fine Dinner

LONDON, April 6th, 1867.
—We dined at the Cardwells', meeting Ly. Waterford, no longer young, whose looks grievously disappointed me, till she rose up and walked across the room—a very Queen !—Argylls, Mr. Milner Gibson, Dean Stanleys, and the Gladstones; he took me down and was delightful, and in great force. We amused him largely with what I heard the other day ; that he and Dean Stanley, who were at a private school together, were reported to their respective fathers as dolts in the matter of arithmetic ! ! I believe it is still true of the Dean ; Uncle W. said himself he never took to it till he had worked hard at mathematics, to which also he had a dislike at first, but which his father urged him into.

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