Tuesday, June 02, 2009

14Oct1866, Cession of Venetia to France

HARDWICK, October 14th, 1866.
—Sir James [FN: Lacaita] told us a capital story, which he said was highly characteristic of the two men. When news was brought to Card. Antonelli of the cession of Venetia to France, and France's intention of handing it on to Italy (an arrangement, by the bye, that the Italians kicked at, from pure pride, rightly or wrongly), the Cardinal sat horrified and dumbfounded ; then, covering his face with his hands, said, "Dio mio !—cade it cielo" He settled with the news-bringer that he (the latter) must go and break the fact to the Pope, he (the Cardinal) not having the courage to do so. But when the other told the Pope the news, the Pope in a radiant state exclaimed, "Benedetto Dio!—non udiremo piu parlay della questione di Venezia"

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