Tuesday, June 02, 2009

07Nov1866, Maid Troubles

CHATSWORTH, November 7th, 1866.
—I am worried by my new maid turning out dreadfully huffy with the Duke's household, and unmanageable when I tell her to show my gowns to other people. She is going. It perplexes me sadly how all I say and do, though it is not without prayer, seems to fail utterly with one maid after another. This is the 4th I have had that has behaved ill in her rapports with some fellow-servant or other, and they have not a notion that they can be in the least to blame, though by their own showing (certainly in this one's case) all grows out of the pettiest jealousy and pride. There is a code of morals among them which not only is nowhere in the Bible, but flat against the whole tone of the N. Testament from beginning to end ; the supreme and pre-eminent commandment of this code being : "Thou shalt never let thyself be put upon; and thou shalt attribute the meanest motive to the conduct of thy fellows." I wonder how they understand our blessed Lord's words about the peace-makers, the poor in spirit, the meek and lowly. It makes one fear that one may be doing something like it, according to one's different temptations, with the same self-complacency ; but then one does learn a little to mistrust oneself.

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