Wednesday, May 20, 2009

26Jun1866, The Liberal Ministry Has Resigned

LONDON, June 26th, 1866.
—The Liberal Ministry has resigned ; and now we shall see what sort of hash the Tories will make of things. Their Adullamite majority will give them more terror and trouble than it is worth, or very possibly won't work with them at all. The war on the Continent is regularly afoot, and poor Italy has been badly beaten. The nice young Prince de Condé, who danced with me at Charles' coming of age, has died in Australia of typhus. Poor Auntie P. came to see me this morning, more miserable and taken out of than I have often seen her. Freddy and a good luncheon set her up a little again ! and then to-night, when the House was up, Uncle William was well cheered by a crowd in Palace Yard.

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