Sunday, May 17, 2009

16May1866, Milman, Fawcett, Ecce Homo

LONDON, May 16th, 1866.
—The poor Westminster bank where all Meriel's kitchen money and other charities bank, has shut up like the others. . . .

We dined at Ld. Taunton's, meeting Dean Milman and Mr. Fawcett. The latter very agreeable, only rather too talkative for a young M.P. He seems to take his blindness very cheerfully. The new book which is making the most wonderful noise, and of which nobody knows the author—"Ecce Homo"—was discussed. It has been put down to all the notable writers of the day, pretty nearly. People differ widely about it ; some thinking it most pernicious, aiming at undermining belief in the Divinity of our Lord ; others thinking it noble, and likely to build people up in the Faith. Papa and Uncle Wm. are of the latter opinion : I long to read it but the Talbots dissuade me. Mr. Fawcett held forth against the Bank Act ; and against Uncle Wm.'s plan of paying off the National Debt, which he considers no better than the old sinking fund. There is much talk of our coal ceasing to pay for the expense of getting it, in 3 generations !

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