Sunday, April 19, 2009

31Oct1865, Snap-dragon and Salt

CHATSW ORTH, October 31st, 1865.
—My Fred went with the others to shoot, and then to Leeds, where he was to hold forth on Schools of Art ; and be back to-night at one. The Cawdors and two daughters, Aunt Fanny, husband and daughters, and Mr. Philips came. Lord Cawdor, his daughters told me, is so colour-blind that they have to hide the red sealing-wax when they are in mourning for fear of his using it ; and he sees no difference between people's ordinary complexion and that which snap-dragon and salt gives them ! We walked about the garden. I finished Pusey, and feel perhaps more dismayed than ever at the terrible state of the Roman Church, and yet somehow more hopeful of reunion following upon its reformation : the loving-hearted, earnest, sanguine character of Dr. Pusey shines through the whole book, the more striking combined as it is with such theological learning and research —and it kindles one into hope.

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