Monday, April 20, 2009

25Nov1865, My Wisest Advice

CHATSWORTH, November 25th, 1865.
—Evening whist, with the Houghtons and Mr. Howard, while the rest of the world, except the Duke, Ly. Newburgh, Aunt Fanny, and old slowcoach Fred, played billiard-battle : even Lord Stanley. [FN: The statesman ; afterwards 15th Earl of Derby : not a person much given to the lighter side of life.] Freddy Howard has much touched my heart by an outpour of his fervent attachment to a Miss Horrocks whom he met abroad. It seems he was a little snubbed by authorities, which he thought hard "when people come to a certain age." He is barely 19 ! and the damsel 20. I gave him my wisest advice : specially to wait till he was two-and-twenty before considering himself of a certain age.

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