Tuesday, March 03, 2009

21Mar1865, No Ball: Fred Gloveless

LONDON, March 21st, 1865.
—We did the pleasantest job, viz., ordering the prettiest, most comfortable brougham in the world, to be our "very own" : a thing I am baby enough to like immensely, when a carriage is in question. Likewise chose breakfast, tea, and coffee services of a lovely description : and some particularly charming bedroom crockery for my room. An exceedingly smart dinner at Mr. Oswald's ; we met Sidneys, Spencers, Castlerosses, Prince and Princess Edward of Saxe-Weimar, Ly. Ely and daughter, Ld. Claud Hamilton, etc. I sat next to Dr. Quin, who kept me bursting through dinner. We discovered that a ball was to follow but shrunk off, I being in velvet, and F. gloveless ! and I was glad indeed, viewing Lent.

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