Tuesday, March 03, 2009

20Mar1865, Bishop Gray and Bishop Colenso

LONDON, March 20th, 1865.
Fred went to hear the judgment in the case of Bishop Gray's deprivation of Bishop Colenso, which the latter protests against. The judgment pronounces Bishop Gray's sentence null and void, and brings to light the oddest and most bewildering facts : viz. that the colonial Bishops (except in Crown Colonies) are not in legal possession of their sees, the Queen having arbitrarily granted them patents little knowing that it was necessary to get the approval of the Colonial governments ! So both Bishops find themselves in a literally false position, and have no powers or rights whatever, except what belong to them as consecrated men. It is a good thing such anomalies have been brought to light. We dined at home. Read Merivale and Milton.

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